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PASSIONATE  Pastor Shawna M. Adams is a uniquely designed gift to the body of Christ.  With passion and power, her preaching reveals her heart for the transformation of lives through the power of the Word of God. Through well crafted, exegetically sound and charismatic messages, Pastor Adams revives the weary, encourages the discouraged, and gives hope to the hopeless. 


PROPHETIC  Pastor Shawna has been called to the nations, walking in a heavy prophetic anointing. With her ear tuned to heaven's frequency, Pastor Shawna taps into the heart of God and delivers the message in a dynamic and relevant way. 


RELEVANT  Preaching the whole counsel of God, there is no topic that is off-limits! Pastor Shawna tackles the hard, raw, and real topics that are important to the everyday individual that seeks to live a supernatural life. Messages such as:

  • Quitting is Not an Option! I've Changed my Mind - coming against the spirit of depression and suicide

  • The Life of the Sheep, The Love of the Shepherd - centered around the familiar Psalm 23. 

  • The Reckless Love of God - exposing God's love for us in spite of us

  • Secrets We Keep - exposing the sin of sexual abuse within the church and how we can overcome it and break the cycle





ADAPTABLE  Pastor Shawna is able to adapt to any environment to which she is called. Whether it is a Sunday worship service, a conference, or a workshop, she customizes her presentation to fit diverse audiences. 

EMPOWERING  Pastor Shawna empowers people to shift their thinking and challenges them to take risks to go higher. Some topics such as:

  • Keys to Unlocking Divine Vision

  • Midwife Your Life

  • The C.A.L.L. (Creating Apex Level Leadership)

  • Taking inventory of Your Life and Finding Value in It


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