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"Pastor Shawna Adams is an authentic, genuine woman of God. She is sister in Christ, friend in time of trouble. She always goes the extra mile, does things top notch. She represents Christ everywhere she goes. She loves God and that is reflected in how she loves people. She loves God's word and delivers it with knowledge and the anointing breaking yokes and setting captives free." EVANGELIST LIZ GROOMS | Atlanta, Georgia
"From day one when I saw Pastor Adams, I knew there was something special about her. For example, her praise will make you want to shout and jump. When she sings, her voice will fill you with the Holy Ghost! When she preaches, she preaches the house down. She is committed to God and you can see it all over her. She has been there for my husband and I through the worst times in our lives. She is the only one that has the ability to see through my fake smile when truly I'm hurting. She prays for me, lifts me up and breathes life back in to me. She always reminds me Gods not done yet. This is a MIGHTY WOMAN of God and I thank God that he has put her in my life. " PEGGY PEARSON | New Egypt, New Jersey
"I have known Pastor Shawna Adams since 2001, before she was licensed and later ordained. The first time I saw her minister, I knew nothing about her but the anointing over her life was clear. She has an authentic love and passion for God and God's people that is unmatched. When many would have grown weary and thrown in the towel, I have witnessed Pastor Adams dig deep in her reservoir and use her weaponry of praise and faith. God's hand is truly on and over Pastor Adam's life and ministry. She is God's willing vessel, a compassionate spiritual leader, a proclaimer of God's Word, a friend, a mentor...I could go on. I am excited about what God is doing in and through her ministry. The best is yet to come!"
ELDER NEFERTITI FRANCE | Grays Lake, Wisconsin