About PSA

"Live In Purpose On Purpose"

Pastor Shawna Adams,  a uniquely designed gift to the body of Christ, is equipped with a midwife anointing to release others from their places of bondage through relevant, exegetically sound, and purposeful preaching. Pastor Shawna has preached across the nation, as well the U.S. Virgin Islands and Israel. Pastor Shawna is known for her unique skill set of worship and preaching that shifts atmospheres.

Pastor Shawna has served in ministry close to 20 years, five of those as the Assistant Pastor of Word of Life Christian Center in Springfield Township, New Jersey. She currently serves at Victory in Christ Christian Center, located in Westville, New Jersey, under the distinguished leadership of Bishop John and Pastor Isha Edmondson.  

After being in ministry for 13 years in her local church, Pastor Adams began to yearn for a greater desire to serve outside of the four walls. This was a season of bitterness, frustration and unfulfillment. A random lunch date with a sister in ministry set her up for a "ROAD TRIP" that unlocked her prison doors! 


“It’s funny how God answers prayers that you didn’t know how to verbalize!” 

4 months later, Pastor Shawna Adams (PSA) Ministries was birthed! Through this ministry, Pastor Shawna transforms lives as she walks closely with the hurting, the yearning, and the searching. In addition to preaching at events, services, and workshops, Pastor Shawna launched The Re-Alignment Women’s Conference in 2018. That first year, she hosted close to 150 women from across the nation and is committed each year to providing this ministry as long as God says so! 

A certified life coach, Pastor Shawna is also the founder of Activate Your Purpose with Coach Shawna, a coaching service that "unsticks the stuck." Pastor Shawna is also the founder of Developing Diamonds of Destiny, a non-profit organization that serves young girls, 10-18 years of age.


Pastor Shawna holds a Master of Divinity degree from Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University. She is a contributing author of the book, Marginalized, Maligned, and Miraculous Women in ScriptureShe also released a short e-book entitled, You Can Do It! Breaking Down the Lies, Busting Up the MythsHer third book is currently in the publishing stage.  

Pastor Shawna is the blessed wife of Deacon Kenny Adams, with whom she parents two purpose-filled daughters, Jazmine and Lyric, and three anointed grandsons, Zy"Mir, Zion, and Zy'Aire. Pastor Adams and family reside in Willingboro, New Jersey..